IBC - Intelligent Business Concepts, Inc.


" Turn Key "

IBC, provides an immediate proactive “Ala Carte” approach to inform, assure compliance, maximize cost containment and protection to the data record holder or insured:
Letter Notification - Print, manage, image, assist, data processing, mailing of
required notification letters and return mail processing with imaging. Electronic notification, also available (pending client/counsel approval for compliance). Web based application to address multinational languages for FAQ’s)
Call Center - support to address and answer all questions and concerns (FAQ’s) from the affected record
holder along with real time escalation and weekly reporting. U.S. based call center operation staffed with bi-lingual, English and Spanish CSR’s. (Other languages are available)
Identity Monitoring - No SS# or DOB needed.  No up-front costs. Opt in both on line and at call center
Identity Recovery Service and Insurance - $1,000.000.00 (0) zero deductible.


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..................................IBC supports the veterans business community and is
---------------------------a charter member of the Veteran’s Business Network.


Our Commitment is to provide “ Turn-Key Solutions ” for our client’s world-wide.