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" Press Release – December 2013 "


Intelligent Business Concepts, Inc. (IBC) of Holbrook, NY, a leader in Data Breach
Notifications Services has recently become a proud sponsor of a portion of a solar panel system that will be installed at a Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall (VFW).
Their participation in SolarCure’s “Adopt-a-Solar Panel” Program as a sponsor provides multiple benefits to our environment and veterans while promoting them as a green and veteran friendly brand.

  • Prevents over 17,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide from being released
    into our environment
  • Saves the VFW Hall over $141,000 in energy costs over the warrantied lifetime of the solar panel system
  • Provides jobs and careers for U.S. Veterans
  • May increase the equity value of the VFW building
  • Green and veteran friendly branding that reaches over 1,500 media outlets
  • Can help increase traffic to a sponsor’s website and place of business
  • Plus more…contact SolarCure to learn more

Frank Buono, President of IBC, is a Vietnam combat veteran and Service Disabled Veteran Business Owner. He was amazed to learn about the “Adopt-a Solar Panel” program offered by SolarCure and is excited to participate in this endeavor to provide a free solar panel installation for the VFW hall in Colonia, NJ.
Frank Buono stated:
“When I can back from Vietnam we did not receive a very nice welcome.  Due to that experience, I am always looking for ways to assist our new veterans.  SolarCure™ is one of those ways. They provide my company with great public relations and brand promotion; while at the same time supporting veterans. They employ veterans, help grow veteran businesses, and provide VFW halls and American Legion Posts with solar panels free of charge. This provides free electricity for the life of the system.  The panels are made in America and the panel companies and installers are veteran owned and/or have veteran employees.  Great PR, supporting veterans, promoting Green Energy…an absolute win any way you look at it.”

About Intelligent Business Concepts, Inc.

As panel for the world’s largest Insurance companies and Law firms, IBC is recognized as a leader for “Breach Notification Services”. IBC’s “Turn Key Solution” was developed to help support the Insured and or referred Law firm client with a complete compliant solution, which covers Notification, Client support service/Call center and Identity Monitoring.
IBC’s commitment to their clients is quite fundamental:  “DO IT RIGHT the FIRST TIME”.
Many of IBC’s employees and business partners are Veterans. They have taken their military background and applied it to the business world of “Breach Response”…. “NO BS… Get the job done, PERIOD”.
IBC supports the veteran’s business community and is a charter member of the Veteran’s Business Network. For more information, go to www.intellbc.com or contact Francis Buono at fbuono@intellbc.com or 631-377-3024.

About SolarCure

SolarCure specializes in helping clients combine powerful messaging and promotion with legitimate, sustainable, renewable green energy practices. For more information on career opportunities or how your company can grow its business while helping veteran based nonprofits, U.S. veterans, and the environment, please visit www.solarcure.us or email your questions to info@solarcure.us.









..................................IBC supports the veterans business community and is
---------------------------a charter member of the Veteran’s Business Network.


Our Commitment is to provide “ Turn-Key Solutions ” for our client’s world-wide.