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Orlando, Fla. --- BioTraits, Inc., a leading global provider of proprietary biometrics technology for corporate, government, institutional and consumer markets, announced it has entered into a Prevention Partnership agreement with Intelligent Business Concepts, Inc., (IBC) to provide asset security, risk management and mediation, and prevention technology solutions to client enterprises worldwide.

Peter A. Wengert, Chief Executive Officer of BioTraits, Inc., said the IBC Prevention Partnership agreement provides both companies the opportunity to present comprehensive, leading-edge risk management tools to enterprises seeking to reduce security risks, remediate security breaches, and prevent compromise of proprietary assets while maintaining effective access by authorized personnel in performance of their assigned duties.

Taleb Adla, CIO/CTO of Intelligent Business Concepts, Inc., said the IBC Prevention Partnership agreement significantly enhances the suite of proprietary prevention, risk management and mitigation services IBC offers its client networks worldwide.

“We have the capacity to design, develop, deploy and manage intelligent biometric components that will substantially enhance risk management, optimize security and more effectively mitigate data breach incidents for client enterprises in an environment which permits effective, efficient access to authorized personnel,” Adla explained.

Proprietary BioTraits technology harnesses unique attributes of human biometrics to generate accurate, unalterable and timely identification of authorized users while providing safe, secure access from anywhere on the globe.

Based at Central Florida Research Park at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, BioTraits, Inc., is a seven year-old Electronic Security Company with leading-edge experience in Access Control, Workforce Management and IT Network Technology.

BioTraits technology provides leading-edge physical and security solutions to corporations, governments, institutions and consumers worldwide.







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